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Manali Tomato Chutney


by Universal Sunshine

No added colour, no added flavour, no added preservatives, no added pectins, gluten-free, diary-free

INGREDIENTS-Tomato, cane sugar, red chilli, fenugreek seeds, onion seeds, dehydrated dates, vinegar & salt

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Use only fresh dry spoon.

Once opened the product must be capped & refrigerated.

Rs. 600.00

About Universal Sunshine
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About Universal Sunshine
Universal Sunshine's products are sourced from the heartland of India. They strive to help and support local farmers and go straight to them. They are all for locally sourced and community driven products & initiatives. Their preservative-free jams, chutneys and pickles are prepared in the orchards of Manali and are brought straight to your home with the finest blends of spices to soothe your taste buds while keeping them gluten and dairy free to suit your conscious diet! Life starts and ends with nature, these are your choices, so choose wisely!
anata curation

We strive to be sensitive to the natural world and aim to provide for the next generations. We want to advance behaviours and mindsets by valuing innovation, creativity and technology. We consider and curate each brand thoughtfully, using scientific analysis to arrive at a holistic measure of sustainability. 

anata sustainability

 We have created a sustainability tool that enables us to tell our consumers, and members of the F&B industry, what brands they can feel good about buying. Consumers are asking -- and we want to be able to tell you -- how to know whether a honey or chocolate you are buying is doing more good than harm for you and the planet. In the spirit of transparency and educating the consumer, some of these subcategories are also displayed as “tags” on our catalog and website, so that you can make more mindful decisions.