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Haldi Powder


by The Little Farm Co

Haldi is a tuber and grows below the ground; this is a shade loving plant and needs a cover of big leaves during the germination stage. This crop is secure from attacks by Pest or Insects. Cow Dung is used for fertilization.

Haldi color may vary from yellow to orangish depending on the harvest. No other color is added to the spices, so the color may vary from one batch to the other.

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About The Little Farm Co
The Little Farm Co owns and manages farms in Madhya Pradesh where they produce fruits, vegetables and spices using organic fertilizers and local seeds. They have recently started producing pickles and superfoods as a natural sequence for a value addition at the farms - they handcraft pickles after sun drying vegetables using traditional recipes. As far as possible, they use Shakar and gur instead of processed sugar, and siandha namak (rock salt) instead of table salt. The employee force at the product unit are women belonging to the lower section of society who have faced domestic violence or are single parents struggling to support their family.
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We strive to be sensitive to the natural world and aim to provide for the next generations. We want to advance behaviours and mindsets by valuing innovation, creativity and technology. We consider and curate each brand thoughtfully, using scientific analysis to arrive at a holistic measure of sustainability. 

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