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Natural Sweet (Nilgiri) Honey


by Last Forest

Sustainably harvested through ancient, traditional methods from the hives of the Giant Rock Bee (Apis Dorsata) hanging on the high cliffs of the forests of the Nilgiris, this unique honey is the purest form of magic you can get your hands on!

Due to its enhanced medicinal qualities, Sweet Honey is popularly used to replace sugar as a healthier and more sustainable alternative.

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About Last Forest
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About Last Forest
Based in the heart of Nilgiri Mountains, Last Forest Enterprise has been a market intermediary for wild forest produce that is harvested by indigenous communities since 2010. These communities are working on forest and agriculture produce, which are natural, wild and local. Last Forest’s honey, a key forest procure, is harvested by honey hunters from indigeneous communities at great risk, but with tremendous tradition and culture encapsulated into the activity. The honey has been sustainably harvested for thousands of years from honey cliffs and bee-nesting trees during April to July each year.
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We strive to be sensitive to the natural world and aim to provide for the next generations. We want to advance behaviours and mindsets by valuing innovation, creativity and technology. We consider and curate each brand thoughtfully, using scientific analysis to arrive at a holistic measure of sustainability. 

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