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Himalayan Ginger Pickle


by Courtyard Memories

Ginger is arguably the world’s most versatile natural health remedy. Ayurveda refers to ginger as a universal medicine. It is known to reduce cholesterol & blood sugar, improve digestion, respiration and blood circulation. Traditional Ayurvedic texts recommend ginger for joint pain and arthritis. Recent studies point that ginger also has aphrodisiac properties and the ability to fight cancer cells.

Raw ginger with meals enhances digestion and adds a fresh zesty flavour to each bite. Tender Himalayan ginger is cut into tiny cubes and flavoured with freshly cut green chillies to make an ideal spicy accompaniment to Indian meals to stimulate taste buds.

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170 g
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About Courtyard Memories
"Courtyard Memories brings to the store conscious recreations of traditional home recipes. These are researched, standardized or even deliberately skewed, to maintain a grounded character. Everything is made using authentic, local, natural ingredients only. Ingredients are carefully sourced -- sometimes even handpicked directly from local, primary sources. Products do not have any preservatives, flavour enhancing additives or even permitted food colours. Everything is made in small batches and produced using artisanal processes. The Ale concentrates have antioxidant, antibacterial and antiseptic properties that help boost immunity. They are a more sustainable and healthier alternative to ready-to-make, sugary, artificial drinks, and can be diluted with water or soda as per taste. "
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We strive to be sensitive to the natural world and aim to provide for the next generations. We want to advance behaviours and mindsets by valuing innovation, creativity and technology. We consider and curate each brand thoughtfully, using scientific analysis to arrive at a holistic measure of sustainability. 

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