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Cow Milk

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Fresh daily milk from free-range, cruelty-free farms.

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Fresh daily milk from free-range, cruelty-free farms.

Whyte Farms is a premier Dairy Farm. Taking things a notch higher to provide natural and fresh produce. It's One of the first and most advanced Dairy farms in Delhi NCR. As producers, they have complete control over the quality. Right from the feed of the cows, that's grown organically at the farm itself, to automated milking and bottling. Highest standards of hygiene are maintained. Dairy is at the heart of everyone’s diet in India. Milk and all the other dairy products made from it, like Ghee, yogurt, and cheese are the mainstay of all that they eat there. So, as a first step to their dream, they have created a 25 acre farm on a beautiful piece of land on the borders of Rajasthan. They call it Whyte Farms.