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Cashew Shmylk (Plant-Based Milk)


by Third Roast

We used cashews and cinnamon for a light silky shmylk naturally sweetened with dates. The fine granular texture reminds us of the saccharine goodness of leftover cereal milk. Except this is minus the processed sugar and tastes divine straight from the bottle or with a bowl of granola.

Ingredients: Cashews, cinnamon, dates, water

This is best consumed in 3 days.

Rs. 160.00

About Third Roast
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About Third Roast
Third Roast was started with the sole purpose of making responsibly produced and great tasting food and drinks for a wider community of people. Everything in their kitchen is made by hand, keeping in mind that it’s good for us, kind to the environment that nurtures us, and equally important, it tastes great. They don't sell anything that they don't love!
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We strive to be sensitive to the natural world and aim to provide for the next generations. We want to advance behaviours and mindsets by valuing innovation, creativity and technology. We consider and curate each brand thoughtfully, using scientific analysis to arrive at a holistic measure of sustainability. 

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