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Black Wheat Flour


by Three One Farms

Black wheat is rich in antioxidants which are anti-inflammatory and fight free radicals thus protecting us from cardiovascular diseases and some forms of cancer. These are the same antioxidants which are present in blueberries, grapes, jamuns etc.

Black wheat is also low on the glycemic index which means it will give you sustained energy throughout the day and won’t spike up your sugar level in blood after immediate consumption. Thus, making it a perfect choice of a staple for people with diabetes and obesity.

It is nutritionally superior to normal wheat in zinc, iron and dietary fibres, however, tastes just the same and cook just the same.

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About Three One Farms
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About Three One Farms
Three One Farms is a generational family farm based out of Abohar in south-west Punjab. The naturally grown chemical-free black wheat at Three One Farms is developed by National Agri-Food Biotechnology Institute, India after 7 years of research while importing the technology from Japan.
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