About Anata


Anata is the curated marketplace & go-to community for beyond-sustainable foods, ranging from farm-fresh produce, organic and exotic products to bean-to-bar chocolates and vegan, gluten-free finds at competitive prices. We're here to make it easier and more affordable to shop sustainable -- we discover and thoughtfully curate bold and progressive brands so that you can do your bit by making the right choices with just one click.


We carry over 1000+ foods and beverages and strive to source only the highest quality organic, artisanal and clean products. Our goal is to create a community of like minded individuals with a shared desire for impact and appreciation for our planet. Take the first step, and start your sustainable journey with us.



Anata was started to solve our own needs -- each of us wanted to reduce our carbon footprint and waste, but didn’t know where to start. We reached out to people who were already doing the work: an environment designer passionate about experimenting with coffee roasts, a mom creating artisanal ale concentrates from her living room, a zero-waste chocolate entrepreneur who invented his own plastic-free packaging from cacao husk. We came to understand the meaning of the butterfly effect: the flapping of a butterfly’s wings can cause a hurricane a thousand miles away. We judged our success, not by revenue numbers, but by metrics that contributed to pushing boundaries and building a sustainable food system. We aimed to ensure that every small decision made a positive impact.






On our website, you will find a selection of hand-picked food and beverages that go beyond gourmet and artisanal. With every taste, you will connect to the product’s source, story and sustainability. You’d be surprised not only by the power of a tiny butterfly, but also by the power of a tiny click on anata.in.