Anatã is curating products that are sustainable in their own ways. We look at brands in a systematic and scientific manner, considering all aspects of sustainability: artisanal, local, food system, agriculture, packaging, marketing, community.


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Buy Fish Online

Get fresh fish online without worrying about quality only at Anata India. We provide fresh organic seafood like fish and prawns at your doorstep within 24 hours from the time of placing the order. So yes, it is now possible to buy fish online. It is definitely a huge leap to trust online brands for your need for seafood but we assure you that all the products available online at our website are free from any form of adulterants, completely natural, fresh and curated at source. Considering the environmental conditions, we should be moving towards healthy eating and online delivery of fish through Anata is one step closer to that. Our partner brands go through a rigid system check in order to ascertain the quality of their products followed by some sampling and testing and only then are they made available on Anata. Hence, trust Anata India and buy fish online that will be delivered to you within a day anywhere in Delhi NCR  following all the health and safety guidelines. 


Curation of our Fish

The taste of good quality fresh seafood is unparalleled and that's exactly what we also look for while making any type of fish available online. Our vendors like O-Fish believe in the same motto of delivering fresh fish to our customers. We have a wide variety of seafood such as Prawn Finger, Fish Fingers, Ginger Prawns, Fish Tikka, Whole Sea Crab and many more. We understand and try to fulfil the needs of our consumers in the best possible manner, through the fastest delivery within a day and the convenience of ordering online from home. Besides providing the best quality product within 24 hours anywhere in Delhi NCR, we also offer the most competitive prices for the same. We try to use environmentally friendly packaging as well and therefore, yet another reason for you to buy fish online at Anata. 


Order Fish Online at Anata

At Anata, our primary goal is to make buying fish online reliable. We evaluate all the brands in collaboration with us considering all aspects of sustainability: artisanal, local, food system, agriculture, packaging, marketing, community. We make the best quality of fish available online for our consumers from many renowned brands such as O-Fish who value the consumers just as much. Besides the ease of online shopping at just a few clicks, we also provide the fastest delivery possible within 24 hours anywhere in Delhi NCR under which we collect, pack and dispatch the fresh fish and other seafood to you. Hence, after you order fish online, we check off every aspect from its quality to delivery and make sure the best product reaches you. 




Q1. How do we know that the fish available is fresh?

Ans1. There are several ways to check the freshness of any seafood, some by its colour while others by shape but here at Anata, we have a few more methods to check the freshness and nutrient value through our system check and sampling and testing.


Q2. What is the shelf life of the seafood? 

Ans2. Every product has a different shelf life which is always mentioned on the packaging of our product.


Q3. How do we know that the seafood is free from pesticides?

Ans3. All the brands in collaboration with us follow the same sustainability principles as us. One of our vendors, O-Fish is a company committed to provide top of the line frozen seafood at a fair price - packaged in easy to use retail packs. Hence, at every stage, there is a strict protocol for quality check.


Q4. Can I customize the quantity of my frozen seafood?

Ans4. Yes, you can customize the quantity of your order as per your needs.


Q5. What is the mode of payment?

Ans5. There are several modes of payments i.e, PayTM, Razorpay, internet banking and Cash on Delivery.


Q6. How fast do you deliver and on what days?

Ans6.We aim 24 hour delivery under which we gather all the fresh items, pack them, and dispatch them in order to make them reach you within a day. We deliver on all days.