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The Olive Story

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Olive Story's Extra Virgin Olive Oil is planted and produced in India. A farm to table product, it is a fresh harvest that is of highest grade and is cold pressed.
Rs. 1,250.00
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No Muddy Affair

Dried Greek Oregano

APA Elixir Farms aims to bring to your doorstep, a daily dose of fresh veggies and greens grown closer home, sustainably and without the use of any harmful chemicals and pesticides. We do protected cultivation...
Rs. 149.00
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Lasanyu: Chilly Garlic Mix

Sprinkle, Spread, Rub or Dip! Makes 5-8 Servings depending on usage Sprinkle as is or combine with water, oil or curd to make a chutney, marinade or dipping sauce. Recipe card included in the package...
Rs. 290.00
Diva Casa

Tagliatelle Pasta with Tomato Basil Sauce - DIY Kit

Every Tagliatelle Pasta with Tomato Basil Sauce DIY Kit contains: Tagliatelle Pasta 250g Hearty Tomato and Basil Sauce 225g
Rs. 900.00
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Satmya India


Digestive Elixir Satmya homemade and handmade Triphala is made with 3 dried fruits which have been used for centuries as a complete digestive elixir known for its antioxidants, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Triphala which literally...
Rs. 400.00
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Organic Cashew Butter

This is Yummsy's Creamy, Rich, Stoned grounded, Slow-roasted CASHEW BUTTER! Our Creamy Cashew Butter has a pure organic taste with no addition of any artificial flavors/preservatives or added sweetness. It is rich in dietary fiber, protein, and...
Rs. 560.00
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Urlong Tea

Green Tea Superfine Whole Leaf

Superfine whole leaf with fresh vegetal flavour, mild colour and a slight bitter after-taste. Ingredients: Superfine whole leaf.
Rs. 320.00 Rs. 400.00
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Three One Farms

100% Pure Jaggery Block

We are a generational family farm based out of southwest Punjab. The preservative-free jaggery blocks are handmade locally in Punjab at a close relative's farm by using the traditional recipe of clarifying sugarcane juice with...
Rs. 260.00
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Chilli Bomb Spreads

"Spicy with a hint of sweetness - this one surely packs a punch!"" OTT belives that their Chilli Bomb Spread works well as a dipping sauce for dimsums, pakoras, they recommend it as an addition...
Rs. 325.00
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Mango Lime Spreads

"It's time to go #OverTheTop with mangoes!"" OTT has used a gorgeous seasonal fruit to make their jar of #TheGoofStuff - tangy and delectable is what it is. They recommend to use it in your...
Rs. 350.00
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Gratitude Farms

Solar Dried Tomato

Organically grown Tomatoes, solar-dried through highly efficient solar-dryers that preserves the flavour, color, aroma and the nutrients.
Rs. 200.00
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Power Granola Bar

Artisanal, Small Batch Production & Premium Ingredients. Use of whole real grains, fruits, nuts and seeds instead of flavoured syrups. 100% Preservative free, No Refined Sugar Added.
Rs. 85.00
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