Mr. Dairy

A2 Whole Pasteurized Milk

Farm-fresh, and produced by grass-fed Sahiwal cows, A2 milk ensures to fulfill your health needs at all costs. Rich in nutrients, each drop of milk reflects salubrity. This milk is ideal for lactose intolerants and...
Rs. 180.00
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Mr. Dairy

A2 Cow Milk Skimmed

For those who want to stay in shape, but also want the wholesome goodness of milk, A2 Skimmed milk has come to your rescue! Exhibiting high nutritional value and zero fat, this skimmed milk is...
Rs. 120.00
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Whyte Farms

Cow Milk

Fresh daily milk from free-range, cruelty-free farms.
Rs. 85.00
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Buy Milk Online

Everyday essentials such as milk and other dairy products are also available online at Anata at tempting prices. We have several varieties of milk available online along with other dairy products that will cater to every need that you might have. The dairy products available online are completely fresh and straight from the farm with minimal processing. You can order milk and other dairy products online at just a few clicks from the convenience of your home through us, and we aim to deliver it within 24 hours at your doorstep following all the health and safety guidelines. Hence, ordering milk online along with other dairy products at the best prices is now possible. 


Curation of Milk and other Dairy Products on our Marketplace

The brands in collaboration with us undergo a rigid system check in order to certify their sustainability and quality of products, before making them available for you to order online. We offer dairy products online from renowned artisanal brands like Darima Farms, Farm Two One, Mooz, Courtyard Farms, such as eggs, cow milk, cheddar cheese, ricotta cheese, goat milk kefir, pasteurized A2 milk etc. All these products available online are of the best quality. We also understand the needs of today's consumer and hence we have  separate categories to order vegan dairy products online and gluten-free dairy products online. We aim at one day delivery within which we collect the farm fresh dairy products, pack them and dispatch them to make them available to you following all the health and safety guidelines. 


Order Milk and Dairy Products Online at Anata

Anata is one of a few brands that offers a variety of products which are curated carefully to bring to you different types of milk online in vegan and gluten-free versions as well. Hence, we try to fulfill all the needs of our consumers. You can order milk and other dairy and non dairy products online as we understand you and your needs and aim to provide nothing but the best. We also ensure quick delivery to anywhere in Delhi NCR. We are building a warm sense of community and making all the essentials available to you with just a single click and facilitating online home delivery within 24 hours so that you can order without any hassle. 




Q1. Is the milk available online fresh?

Ans 1. All the items listed on our website are completely fresh as they are sourced on the day of your order, straight from the farms. Hence, you can order fresh milk online at Anata. 


Q2. What type of packaging is used? 

Ans 2. We discourage the use of plastic and use glass bottles and jars as much as possible to pack and ship milk and other dairy products.


Q3. Why should I order milk online and not buy from a nearby grocery store? 

Ans 3. The quality of milk available on Anata far surpasses that of a local grocer’s. We source our preservative-free milk straight from the farms, deliver it to you within hours of milking, with zero adulteration. There’s also the convenience of ordering milk and other dairy products online that will be delivered to your doorstep without the need of stepping outside. 


Q4. What is the shelf life of these products?

Ans 4. All the products have different shelf life/ date of expiry, which will be mentioned on the packaging. 


Q5. What is the mode of payment?

Ans 5. There are several modes of payments i.e, PayTM, Razorpay, internet banking and Cash on Delivery. 


Q6. How fast do you deliver? On what days do you deliver? 

Ans 6. We aim at a 24 hour delivery under which we gather all the fresh items, pack them, and dispatch them in order to make them reach you within a day. We deliver on all days.