Get your protein fix with our ethically & locally sourced range of artisanal meats with no added preservatives, chemicals, or emulsifiers.


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Buy Meat Online 

Looking for good quality meat near you? Well, you’ve come to the right place, at Anata we aim to provide our consumers from anywhere in Delhi NCR with the best quality of meat available online. The meat available online goes through a rigid system check to ensure it meets all the factors of sustainability such as being organic, local, artisanal, type of packaging, zero waste policy etc. followed by sampling and testing and then only it is up on our website. Besides providing world class quality of meat, we also offer the fastest delivery within 24 hours from anywhere in Delhi NCR to your doorstep and hence, making buying meat online convenient and reliable. The meat available online at Anata are priced competitively as we aim to offer value for your money and we respect the time our consumers spend to get the best meat from our marketplace. Hence, buying meat online from Anata India is the first step towards sustainable living.


Curation of our Meat

There are several brands in collaboration with us that help us to deliver meat online anywhere in Delhi NCR. Brands like Artisan Meats is a homegrown brand seeking to produce good quality cured and preserved meat using locally available produce and traditional practices of handling and processing meats. This range of artisanal meats available online with no added preservatives, chemicals, or emulsifiers is what separates us from the rest as besides quick delivery and ease of ordering meat online we can help you get your nutritional requirements fixed. We have a variety of meats available online such as Raw Bacon, Mutton Keema, Mutton Burger Patties, Chicken Curry Cut and many more. Therefore, at Anata India, buy meat online at best prices anywhere in Delhi NCR delivered to you within 24 hours.


Order Meat Online at Anata

Anata India is a one-stop shop for all your meat requirements as the meat available online with us are from renowned artisanal brands which are continuously working towards sustainable living. Our marketplace is full of brands that understand the importance of healthy lifestyle and help us to deliver the same to our consumers. At Anata, you can buy meat online without thinking twice as the quality is evaluated at all platforms and the same will be delivered to you within 24 hours anywhere in Delhi NCR following all the health and safety guidelines. Besides our facilities, we also ensure that customer experience is well taken care of and ordering products online is a happy and easy experience which can be done at just a few clicks. Lastly, the price of meat available online is competitive and is definitely value for your money.  




Q1. How do I know that your meat is free from any chemicals and preservatives?

Ans 1. All our brands are examined on the basis of their sustainability and all of their products are free from any form of pesticides or chemicals as besides, sustainability checks we also follow sampling and testing.


Q2. What is the shelf life/ date of expiry of meat available online?

Ans 2. Every product has a different expiry date and you can refer to the packaging for the same. 


Q3. Do you deliver fresh meat or is it packed/frozen meat?

Ans 3. At Anata, the meat available online is completely fresh and that is why we take 24 hours to deliver under which we collect fresh produce from our vendors, pack them and send it out for delivery.


Q4. What type of packaging is used to pack meat?

Ans 4. We discourage the use of plastic as much as we can and hence, we use standup pouches, cardboard boxes etc.


Q5. What is the mode of payment?

Ans 5. There are several modes of payments i.e, PayTM, Razorpay, internet banking and Cash on Delivery. 


Q6. How fast do you deliver? On what days do you deliver?

Ans 6. We aim at a 24 hour delivery under which we gather all the fresh items, pack them, and dispatch them in order to make them reach you within a day. We deliver on all days.