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Start fresh everyday by ordering in from our wide range of ethically and consciously produced dairy & non-dairy products such as fresh milk, artisanal, Himalayan cheeses, nut butters, sour cream and more.

Courtyard farms

Goat Milk Ghee

Goat Milk Ghee is a deeply rejuvenating power food and is a boon for healthy well-being.Courtyard farms use milk from free range goats and prepare it through the traditional method of butter churning. This ensures...
Rs. 740.00
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Whyte Farms

Cow Ghee

Fresh ghee from free-range, cruelty-free farms.
Rs. 800.00
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A2 Gir Cow's Bilona Ghee

ProVedic A2 Gir Cow's Bilona Ghee is prepared using traditional Vedic recipes. This Ghee is made from the milk of the indigenous Gir cow breed, using the hand-churning method. Recognized as a super-food since the...
Rs. 1,325.00

Saffron Infused Cow's Ghee

ProVedic Saffron Infused Cow's Ghee blends the flavour and aroma of high-quality saffron leaves with the holistic goodness of ProVedic Cow’s Ghee.  This ghee is prepared from traditional Vedic recipes, and is rich in taste,...
Rs. 800.00
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Garlic Infused Cow's Ghee

With a high smoke point, Ghee is a healthy (and delicious) cooking medium. Make your dishes healthier and tastier with the goodness and flavour of ProVedic Garlic Ghee. Whether you’re preparing Italian classics like pasta,...
Rs. 700.00
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Mr. Dairy

Pure A2 Ghee

Shelf Life: One Year from the date of manufacture How to store: The ghee should be kept in room temperature (direct sunlight must be avoided) Ingredients: Pure A2 Ghee
Rs. 1,250.00
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Gir Cow A2 Ghee

Ghee Is Made From A2 Milk Of Pure Bred Gir Cows. Ingredients: Gir Cow Ghee
Rs. 945.00
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Buy Dairy and Eggs Online 

Are you someone who’s mornings do not start without milk and eggs? If so, you are at the right place as at Anata India, we bring to you a perfect curation of dairy products and eggs just the way you like. Order dairy and eggs online at Anata India that will be delivered to you at your doorstep anywhere in Delhi NCR. We strictly follow the one day policy which implies that all your products will be delivered within 24 hours of you placing the order, without the need of stepping out of your home. You can now get daily essentials like milk, eggs, butter, yoghurt and other dairy products online at Anata India at just a few clicks from the comfort of your home within a day. Therefore, order dairy products and eggs online that will be delivered to you following all the health and safety protocols.


Curation of Dairy and Eggs at Anata India

All the vendors in collaboration with us go through a rigid sustainability check in order to check the quality of the products and the means of producing the same. Post this screening, we also follow sampling and testing methods in order to be fully sure. We have trusted brands like Crackleberry, Courtyard Farms, Mr. Dairy, Old Hill Foods offering a wide range of products like Goat Milk Butter (Mixed Herbs), Eggs (Free-range, Kadaknath), Marinated Mozzarella (Pizza Margherita), A2 Cow Milk Skimmed, Goat Milk Yoghurt and several others. All these products are thoughtfully curated keeping in mind the preferences of our consumers so that we deliver nothing but the best at the most competitive prices within 24 hours anywhere in Delhi NCR. 


Why Anata India 

Anata India is a curated marketplace where we aim to bring sustainable brands closer to conscious consumers so that together we can build a community that promotes healthy eating and is also highly sustainable. Order milk online, order eggs online, order yoghurt online, order cheese online from Anata India as we offer the best quality of products that are not only fresh but made completely out of natural and organic ingredients. Furthermore all our products are organic so without any doubt order dairy products online from Anata India at just a few clicks delivered to you within 24 hours following all the health and safety protocols anywhere in Delhi NCR at the best price.