Turkish Eggs with Kadipatta Butter

  • Apr 18, 2021
  • By Anatã India

These Turkish eggs with a quintessentially Indian twist are a must have. So easy to put together, every morsel of these delicious dish is packed with flavour. Serve with some toasted sourdough or enjoy this by itself.


  1. Let a pot of water boil, create a swirl like motion in the middle of the pot with a spatula before dropping an egg in it (yellow and white parts). Let it sit for 30-40 secs before taking it out (best to use a slotted spoon for this).
  2. In the meantime, take a plate and spread hung curd/labneh cheese/greek yoghurt (1 cup) in a circle.
  3. Once eggs are done, put them in the middle of the circle of hung curd/labneh cheese/greek yoghurt you made.
  4. Proceed with heating the Kadipatta butter in a small pan and add some more curry leaves in it and wait for them to crackle.
  5. Pour all over the plate of eggs.
  6. Serve with toast!

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