Summer Salad with Microgreens and Feta

  • Mar 25, 2021
  • By Anatã India

A simple summer salad with fresh, crunchy leafy greens, some candied tomatoes for colour, hazelnuts for crunch and dried blueberries all topped with delicious feta.
SO quick, SO easy - you'll never eat a meal without this salad on the side, ever again! From greens to dressing, it all comes together in less than 10 minutes. The best part? You can make this with whatever seasonal produce you have on hand. 



  1. Assemble your greens in a large salad bowl. Add some halved candy/ cherry tomatoes, roughly chopped hazelnuts and feta cheese. 
  2. Prepare your salad dressing by mixing together some olive oil and minced garlic, along with mustard. Mix well and drizzle all over the salad. 
  3. Top with some dried blueberries and TOSS!


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