Stuffed Bell Peppers

  • Sep 13, 2021
  • By Anatã India

These Mediterranean inspired Stuffed Sweet Peppers are a melange of flavours! Make them as a side dish or entree, they're sure to be a hit. We came up with the recipe depending on the ingredients we had at hand; creating something unique from them felt super good!  



1. Prepare the Cous-cous (follow package instructions. Usually it requires only soaking the Cous-cous in hot water for a few min)
2. Once the Cous Cous is ready, transfer to a mixing bowl. Add spinach, goat’s cheese, Harissa paste, salt and pepper for seasoning. Taste, adjust the cheese/Harissa according to your liking
3. Stuff this Cous Cous mix into the peppers, top with more cheese. I used garlic Montasio
4. Place into the air fryer. Cook for 4 min at 180° (my peppers were small, experiment on yours). And then cook for 3 min at 20° to melt and brown the cheese
5. Plate up by lemon-massaged placing baby chard at the bottom of the plate, and the peppers on top!

There can be so many options with this dish! If you don’t have Cous-cous, you can replace it with millets or quinoa. No goat’s cheese? Replace with ricotta or feta. No Harissa? Replace with hot sauce. Endless options!

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